Tuesday, February 10, 2009

South Korea spirulina is efficient and environmental friendly

Recently, South Korean scientists develop a new type of Spirulina. This Spirulina not only could be used for animal feed additives, but also contribute to the reduction of atmospheric greenhouse gases.

They used ethyl methane sulphonate produce Spirulina Strain named M2OCJK3. Spirulina M2OCJK3 is a type of the cyanobacteria, which through the life of photosynthesis to absorb carbon dioxide. If large-scale farming, the fixed rate of carbon dioxide can be stabilized at 21.8 g/day.m2, is 13% more than the well-known type of Spirulina CJ590.

It is reported that if improve the farming methods, Spirulina M2OCJK3 can be used as the feed additives to the aquatic animals.

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