Monday, February 9, 2009

Coca-Cola: drinks containing a small amount of caffeine are safe

February 6 afternoon, in Xihu District People's Court, Wang Hai prosecuted Coca-Cola for not mark content of caffeine and the corresponding warning on the overpacks of the drinks.

In the scene of the prosecution, Wang has also come up with a can of Red Bull drinks and Coca-Cola for comparison. He said the same caffeinated drinks, Red Bull drink has the warning which is not suitable for people: children, while the Coca-Cola does not.

Coca-ColaBy the evening, Coca-Cola issued a statement said that caffeine be used as food additive has been identified by the FAO, WHO, CAC, FDA and other authoritative international organizations.

In the statement, Coca-Cola company also said adding caffeine into gas-bearing drinks is also in line with China's food regulations. At the same time the relative ragulations do not request to add any warning on the caffeine product.

The caffeine content of gas-bearing drink is equivalent to one-third of cafe or half of tea. At the same time, intaking of caffeine will not lead to accumulation in the human body. At present there is no evidence that soft drinks which contain very small amount of caffeine are harmful to the human body. Containing a small amount of caffeine in beverages is recognized as safe.

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