Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Food and nutrition expert: Do not think food additives as a scourge

Food <br />AdditivesBecause some food manufacturers abuse food additives, the public are beginning to pay attention on food security. However, due to excessive concern about the selection of food, some people undertake unnecessary trouble.

Now, China's national standards permit the use of food additives are 1960 kinds. The vast majority of them are spices. In addition to spices, there are other 22 categories, more than 300 kinds of food additives. China's standards (GB2760-2007) which was revised in 2007 is close to international standards basically.

If there is no food additives, food can not be produced or preserved properly. At present, there is processed foods which do not have food additives no market, and its benefits are obviously. For example, the pigments will make the cake more attractive and arouse people's appetite. The use of preservatives to control the propagation of microorganisms in food to prevent food spoilage. For example, if there is not preservatives, soy sauce will mold within two days.

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