Monday, March 2, 2009

China says milk additive OMP safe but not legal

A senior Chinese health official said here Monday that the additive OMP in milk was safe but its import procedure is not legal.

"As far as we know now, OMP is safe and will not affect people's health," said Chen Xiaohong, vice health minister, at a press conference here.

OMP, or osteoblast milk protein, is not yet listed as a legal food material under current food safety law.

Mengniu Dairy, one of the country's biggest dairy firms, has used it in its product line Milk Deluxe since 2005.

The importer of the additive should submit health impact evaluation documents issued by the health authorities of export countries to the health departments for approval and it should also pass the quarantine check, Chen said. "Obviously, Mengniu did not do it."

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