Thursday, July 19, 2012

Another Diary Enterprise in China Exposed for its Food Safety Problem

Following the case occurred with Yili Milk powder for its mercury content exceeds, another giant dairy enterprise in China also be exposed for its quality problems.

Recently, a consumer exposed on its weibo that part of Guangming brand dairy products(U-Best milk) have been mixed with cleaning alkaline water, then Bright Dairy followed with explanation on its official website, and recalls this patch of contaminated products.

An investigation conducted by the bureau Wednesday found that food-grade lye that was used to clean pipes had leaked into and contaminated a production line at one of the company's plants on Monday, a bureau spokesman said early Thursday, China Daily Reported.

The food-grade lye mentioned in the above report is food-grade alkaline water, food-grade alkaline is used as curing agent and meat tenderizer as food additive.

The food-grade alkaline is different with industrial alkali, the later is extremely corrosive, and is generally used as drain opener and detergent.

Just from the melamine milk event occurred in 2008, most of major dairy enterprises in China had been exposed public frequently for food safety quality problems.

From the end of last year, Mengniu milk be found contains excessive aflatoxin(a type of carcinogen) , then recently Yili’s baby formula and whey powder be exposed that contained excessive mercury, all these food safety events cause Chinese people left little confidence to their domestic dairy products…

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