Monday, September 6, 2010

UK Food Safety Authority Called for More Studies on The Safety of Food Additives

Recently, the British Food Safety Authority appealed to the food industry, called for studies on food additives, E. coli O157 and consumer attitudes toward this, and to take relevant measures to arouse people’s concern on the food safety, thus to ensure food safety.

The first study was aimed to promote the public's attitude to food safety and related activities. Through the analysis of existing data to find and make sure the deficiency of the available evidence, to promote understanding and development of food and social awareness.

The second project of the authority is to develop a new method of detecting additives contained in foods, which include saccharin, aspartic acid phenylalanine methyl ester, chloral saccharose and other food additives. The method will be applied with analysis of the general level of food additive using, thus to ensure its safe use.

The last project is commissioned by the Scottish Food Standards Agency, jointly by the FSA and Defra. The aim is to use the existing methods to control the transmission of E. coli O157, which will help to reduce the spread of cattle pathogens to other animals, thereby reducing the risk of people infection.

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