Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Drink Beverages Contained Additives often may Induce Asthma in Children

The experts found that the incidence of bronchial asthma in children has increased, in many areas the rate is up to about 5%. According to the research, the increased incidence of asthma was partly caused by environmental pollution of the outside, it is inseparable to excessive consumption of various synthetic drinks and beverages.

At present drinks and beverages sold in the market is various. Generally, all of them are contain a variety of additives made of chemical substances. To prevent deterioration, preservatives were added generally. When children drink too many beverages contained additives, which will make many chemicals stored in the tissues and organs, then become allergens, directly affect the physiological functions and activities of many enzymes in the body, and results in declination of the immune function, thus causing asthma or other allergies disease.

U.S. Professor Fan Geer who has engaged in scientific research for many years confirmed that the synthetic pigments, such as fragrances can cause a variety of allergies, for example asthma, urticaria, skin itching and so on. He had encountered some children with allergic asthma, and tried all ways to treat them but failed, but when they stopped drinking foods and beverages contained additives, the diseased children become recovered soon.

Therefore, young parents, you’d best to lead your children drink few beverages contained a variety of chemical additives, and let them drink more natural fruit juice or eat fresh fruits.

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