Monday, April 18, 2011

Diesel Price Raise Link to 5% Bio-Additive

Last week, fuel and diesel prices on the European stock markets were relatively stable. Fuel prices increased to USD 1,115 (LVL 540) per ton, while diesel dropped to USD 1,050 (LVL 510) per ton, informs LETA.

But fuel stations have started to sell summer diesel, however, its price could grow due to the obligatory 5% bio-additive, which costs 43% more than fossil diesel, the Statoil Latvija spokesman, Kaspars Skrabans, informed the business information portal

The bio-additive currently costs slightly more than USD 1,500 (LVL 739).

Fuel and diesel prices are still affected by the political instability in Libya, the positive macroeconomic data in China and the United States as well as Russia's announcement that it could increase the export tax on oil products.

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